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The GRETA of Creation, Design and Fine Crafts

The GRETA of Creation, Design and Crafts of Art is a structure of the National Education which offers training for adults. These trainings are organized during the evening or during the day to meet the skills needs of companies and individuals.

The GRETA of Creation, Design and Fine Crafts


The GRETA of Creation, Design and Fine Crafts is a continuing education center, created by the French Ministry of Education on 1st January 2011 from the combination of three GRETA (Arts appliqués, Mode and Réseau Graphique), which offers training programs for adults :
Day or evening classes, full- or part-time
Professionalizing degree courses
Tailor-made, in-house or in the training centre

The GRETA CDMA ensures that the accessibility level of its various training locations is maintained.
We support, through a disability coordinator, requests for Specific Punctual Services. Thus, from the positioning, the handicap situation is taken into consideration.
The GRETA supports individual projects of V.A.E (accreditation of acquired experience) for obtaining certifications in the trades of Creation, Design and Art professions.

A variety of training areas

Fashion Accessories – Wood Arts and Crafts – Book Arts and Crafts – Jewellery – Embroidery – Hairdressing / Image and Style – Space Design – Graphic Design – Industrial and Textile Design – Publishing industry – Plastic Expression – Fashion Professions and Trades – Leather Trades – Internet Trades – Glass Trades – Performance Stage and Costumes –  Upholstered Furniture – Photography – business creation

Renowned establishments in Paris

Schools for Applied Arts
Boulle, Duperré, Estienne and the ENSAAMA

Schools for trades
Octave Feuillet, Paul Poiret, Turquetil, Lucas de Nehou

Vocational and technological schools
Corvisart-Tolbiac, Maximilien Vox, Auguste Renoir, Brassaï, Elisa Lemonnier, Marie Laurencin

High standards of quality

  • A personalized support for the funding aids.
  • The regular use and renewal of equipments to adapt to changing technologies and trades.
  • A strong network of professionals from the training areas in which the GRETA is operating.
  • Trainers trained to individualize, working professionals who provide their skills and expertise to the trainees.
  • Training engineers at the service of professionals in the creation and design trades.
  • Participation in international projects to develop local needs in training and promote traditional knowledge and know-how.
  • A referencing in the Datadock national tool, pledge of our commitment and our compliance with the quality requirements from the law

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As part of its quality approach, GRETA CDMA pays particular attention to the satisfaction of its trainees, once their training has been completed.

For the 2018/2019 school year, the trainees' satisfaction rate is 91%.

You can consult a summary of these returns by following the link : https://www.cdma.greta.fr/taux-de-satisfaction-des-stagiaires-apres-formation/

A team that supports you in your projects

Our team is composed by 35 permanent members and more than 250 speakers specialized in the creation, design and art professions.

Chairman of the GRETA of Creation, Design and Métiers d’Art
Laurent Scordino-Mazanec, Headmaster of ENSAAMA (Higher National School of Applied Arts and Crafts)

Authorizing person of the GRETA of Création, Design and Métiers d’Art

Josiane Giammarinaro, Headmaster of Boulle, School of applied arts, art professions, interior architecture and design and professional school of furnishing trades.

Florence Masset : +33 1 43 46 23 43 –  florence.masset@greta-cdma.paris
Assistant : Helen Brion : helen.brion@greta-cdma.paris

The Training Consultants build training courses and answer the needs of the companies that are seeking to adapt to the changing techniques of the trades. They also propose professional reorientations to individuals.

The Coordinators recruit, welcome and support the trainees throughout their training.
They implement logistics: schedule, equipments and rooms.

Émilie Blavier – Sophie Cruz – Corinne Frankiel  – Jessica Vinot – Laura Lemaitre – Agnieszka Guca – Lise Savignac – Zeineb Abdelli – Sabrina Talcone- Onella Aceituno

The Training Assistants carry out the follow-up of the trainees: training funding, remuneration during the training period, absences management.

Sandrine Leroy – Sabrina Talcone – Jessye Pelasimba  – Wladimir Kamieniak – Michelle Chemouny – Salima Chouaf

Disability referent – Émilie Blavier : emilie.blavier@greta-cdma.paris

Quality department

quality facilitator – Carole Cérignat – carole.cerignat@greta-cdma.paris
Helen Brion : helen.brion@greta-cdma.paris

Communication department

Communication officer – Julie Bergue – julie.bergue@greta-cdma.paris
Communication assistant and quality control  Emmanuel Comptios – emmanuel.comptios@greta-cdma.paris

Accounting / HR Department

Financial Affairs Officer – Karima Verne: karima.verne@greta-cdma.paris
Management and HR assistant – Yasmina Haddad: yasmina.haddad@greta-cdma.paris
Payroll Officer – Younoussa Moirabou

21 rue de Sambre et Meuse
75010 PARIS
01 44 08 87 77